7 Souvenirs to Buy in Jordan


Having never been to the Middle East, I was super excited to not only experience an entire new region, but also see what fun things I could bring back. Buying more local goods while traveling is something I plan on doing more frequently in the future. I totally regret not picking up things while traversing […]

Trekking Vale do Pati in Four Days


In my opinion, the highlight of a visit to Chapada Diamantina is the Vale do Pati. In fact, it was one of my favorite parts of Brazil overall. I absolutely loved the experience trekking the area. Day 1 on the trail If you decide to do a trek, make sure to research reputable tours and […]

Today I Embark On My Dream Job (+ a giveaway to celebrate)!


I can’t believe it’s time! As you read this I’ll have just arrived in Northern California to start a month long training to be a tour leader with PEAK Adventure Travel (the brand that manages companies like Trek America & Intrepid Travel). Boy has it been a long time coming. I applied in November from Madrid, […]